Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a totally new approach to psychotherapy, as part of the rapidly growing field of Energy Psychology.  It works with your body’s energy system by tapping several acupuncture points with fingers while you focus on an emotional or physical distress.

At first, it might sound strange to work on your body’s energy system in order to heal your emotional wounds.  But it makes sense when you understand that every emotion has a physiological response in the body.

When you are angry, your body tenses up. You might feel tightness in the throat if you cannot express your feelings.  You might feel a knot in the stomach.  Sadness might bring heaviness in the chest.  When you feel threatened, the heart races and palms sweat.  When you are upset, you either cannot eat anything or instead, cannot stop eating or drinking.





The problem is, these physiological responses remain in your body when you do not express or feel your feelings fully.  Imagine how many unexpressed feelings you are carrying in your body.  When you recall a sad incident in the past, you not only remember how it was but also feel it in your body as if it is happening right now.

EFT works on your body’s memory by unblocking the energy flow in the major energy pathways in your body called meridians.  You may have heard of or actually experienced acupuncture, a 5,000- year- old Chinese healing system. Acupuncture usually works with physical pains and ailments.
EFT combines the ancient acupuncture principles with Western psychology and aims to heal emotional and mental problems by releasing a disruption in your body’s energy system.

My clients have benefited from EFT in dealing with the following issues and more.

  • Emotional eating
  • Grief
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Sexual and physical abuse
  • Music performance
  • Athletic performance
  • Limiting beliefs around money and prosperity
  • Phobias (air travel, public speaking, etc.)
  • And much more

The results were far beyond what I expected – I am definitely incorporating EFT into my self-care. – K.E. consultant, Seattle, WA

I think it was a pretty amazing session.  I was not sure if EFT would work on my issue because I did not quite believe in the methodology.  But it worked.  I guess there is a challenge how you can introduce EFT to a person. – Y. M. Kirkland, WA

Yoko, working with you and EFT has made me see that I can not only change myself but the changes can be quick and profound. – J.H. Everett, WA

Yoko helped me achieve a very specific goal reducing my anxiety and stress levels.  She listens with patience and kindness. She has much wisdom and perspective to offer.  I would highly recommend her. – L. G. Seattle, WA

Outstanding! I highly recommend Yoko.  She listens carefully and summarizes accurately.  A memorable EFT session with Yoko eliminated the anger I had about a childhood experience involving spinach – now I laugh about it.- M. M. Everett, WA

Additional Resources:

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The great introductory DVD “The Tapping solution” documents remarkable results of EFT during a residential workshop. It also includes the EFT shortcut instructions.

Check the EFT Universe website to learn more about EFT and read reports of how EFT helped people with various issues.

Dr. Carol Look’s CDs and books will speed up your process when used in combination with individual EFT sessions. www.carollook.com

YouTube  www.youtube.com – Search EFT postings by “EFT” or “tapping therapy”.